Sep 25, 2013

Giveaway : Green Giant Make a Difference Spark! #myblogspark

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No longer do you need to sustain a life of less. We know that feeling unsatisfied drives you to cheat on your diet, and cheating makes you feel guilty! Instead with Green Giant®, you can eat lots more vegetables and feel good about the GIANT difference it makes in managing your weight.
Because for the same amount of calories, Green Giant® gives you more.
• More flavor: from steamed, crunchy, fresh veggies that are seasoned with delicious low fat sauces and spices
• More portion size: A Size that is actually bigger than you think
• 27 variety’s under 100 calories


I love my veggies and sometimes that ‘extra’ help for us parents who are busy driving our kids to their school stuff, after school stuff, sports practice or you are too tired to cook…. then that is why I turn to Green Giant Veggies. Just put it into the microwave and you have instant veggies ! – makes a side dish that kids will love. and both my 6 year old and 2 and 1/2 year old are the proof!  In fact, last night I made spaghetti and the side dish was green giant nibles corn & butter sauce and the kids wouldn’t let me have a bite. They loved it! My 2 and 1/2 year old walked up to me as I was taking a bite of my portion and said “more please mama”.  How could a mom say no to that?

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ONE person will win :

  • VIP Coupon(s) for Green Giant® products
  • $10 Target gift Card
  • Gym Bag
  • Health & Fittness Journal
  • Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

How to enter:  The winner will be picked by using : (from the entry below)

The giveaway is from 9/25/13 until 10/25/13 . Good luck :)

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 “Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by Green Giant® through MyBlogSpark.”

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Comments to Giveaway : Green Giant Make a Difference Spark! #myblogspark

  • Sara Floyd

    I make a side of veggies with most meals, as I am vegan! Its great with bean dishes

  • shsc82

    I use them on the side mainly, the broccoli cheese is awesome smushed in baked potatos!

  • susansmoaks

    I like to bake some chicken and make some rice to go with my green giant veggies!

  • cezovski

    I would make Broccoli and Tortellini Alfredo
    Rafflecopter: Carolsue

  • Rebecca Williams Parsons

    I have so many things I make Pork Chops, steak, baked chicken and meatloaf.

  • Leah Stobe

    meatloaf, macaroni and broccoli, macaroni and peas. Tons of different little ways!
    leah stobe on facebook

  • Angela

    I use broccoli in some of my soups.

    nomfreebies at hotmail dot com

  • Ben

    I use carrots and other veggies in my vegetable beef soup.

    ada.gherkin07 at gmail dot com

  • Ashley S

    I make chili with them!