New Kroger Sweepstakes -Enter to Win a $1000 Kroger Giftcard!


Who wants to win a thousand bucks? I know I do and I am pretty sure that you do too! That is why Kroger is having a sweepstakes!

Starting on January 13th, 2013,  Kroger is giving away one $1,000 giftcard a day until February 11th, 2013!

So if you want to win, or try to win, click here to go to their website! :) Good luck and if you win, let me know!

Enter daily!!! You can! :)

  • Ms. Daily Coupons

    Is there ay chance to get more detailed post ?

  • Mr. Daily Coupons

    Do you mind if I share this with my Yahoo group? I always give credit where it is due, and I find this fascinating.