Jan 23, 2013

Walgreens Hot Deal on ‘Sunny Smile ‘Tuff’ Brand’ Paper Towels! Don’t pass this up!

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A deal at Walgreens that is a good deal for budget- extreme – couponers : 10/$5 Sunny Smile ‘Tuff’ Paper Products.

You get 10 paper towels or toilet paper and pay only $5.00 . Not bad at all! Except, the paper towels quality is crap but if you are trying to budget, it is a good thing to stock up on until you get a better deal on your favorite paper towels.

Basically, you can go through a roll a day or every few days. I had 20 rolls from Christmas, and it is near the end of the month of January. I have 3 rolls left from the 20. It is crap- but okay product. But any store brand is pretty much the same.

However, five bucks, is something you cannot pass up on.

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