It’s back : walgreens sunny smile ‘Tuff’ Brand Paper Products 10/$5 !


It is back!  Walgreens’s brand for paper products. And this is good for extreme couponers . Especially if you LOVE to budget. Here it is:

10/$5 Sunny Smile ‘Tuff’ Paper Products. This seems to happen once a month, but hey, 10 rolls for $5 bucks? Who can say no to that deal

But my review about this brand is: the paper towels quality is crap but if you are trying to budget, it is a good thing to stock up on until you get a better deal on your favorite paper towels.

Basically, you can go through a roll a day or every few days. I had 20 (went to the store twice) rolls from Christmas, and now it is February. I have 5 rolls left from the 20. It is crap- but okay product. But any store brand is pretty much the same.

However, five bucks, is something you cannot pass up on.

p..s the toilet paper, I bought, and it is good for kids who waste toilet paper. aka. not good but it is good to have when you are on a budget and your have little ones who waste toilet paper. I rather get the paper towels!

Written by Rachel

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