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About me ! My website started in 2013, as a blog, trying to prove if coupons do work (hence the name), my site helped me budget, and learn how to coupon correctly.

My site , is ran by one person, me : Rachel 🙂 I blog not just about my local stores and deals, I also blog about nation-wide stores and deals. I LOVE posting about freebies (who doesn’t love to get free things?)  and I blog 7 days a week; 14 hours a day, this is my job I created on my own, thanks to many people who supported me over the years. #thankyou

A little more information about me:

When I graduated college, I got my first job in politics (as I have a dream of becoming a US Ambassador) to work as an intern at Parliament in the UK for a year. That was when Tony Blair was still PM (and yes, I got to meet him! An Amazing experience!!!), when my internship ended, I was still in the UK and on the weekends, I would attend polo (I am polo-obsessed!).  (Thanks ‘lovely’ for teaching me how awesome polo is AND for giving me my first Pimms!!! — loong time ago. 2004 to be exact!)

NOTE : if you want to Sponsor Posts on couponsdowork.com, or couponsdowork.com to review items, please contact me directly.

When I moved back home, a new chapter happened! I became a mom to 2 beautiful kids.

Fast forward to now, With all the traveling for the charities that I support and me driving to and from for kids activities, I decided to be a stay-at-home mom… and that means I have to budget. I don’t have time to shop and when I see an awesome deal, I will go to the store, grab it and post about it.

Some of the charities I have donated and supported in the past are:

 Sentebale, Centrepoint, Princes Trust — all AMAZING charities 🙂 ).

If you are asking about the picture (my current banner) :

I will not talk about it. These are me attending events over the years and through the events I have met amazing people. I will keep ‘mum’ about everything as I made a promise. I have been in Tatler magazine (red dress in background; was attending a polo charity match) on Getty Images, in the news AND I was a featured extra in the movie “We Are Marshall” and yet no one knows who I am and I want to keep it that way.

Please do not ask about the pictures, I will not respond. Please do not repost these pictures on any blog, these are pictures of me over the years attending events. No story to any of them.

I used these pictures as my website banner because this is my site and I have TONS of pictures from my travels over the years. I change my banner once a month. This is what I chose for January 2017.


Written by Rachel

Hi and welcome to couponsdowork.com ! I am a single mom who loves to save money and I want you to save money too! This site has been around since 2013 !
A little info about me:
- I travel to the UK once a year
-I help out with charities, some of my favorite charities I have helped out in the past are: Sentebale, Princes Trust and CentrePoint - all amazing charities!
- I LOVE polo
-and I love helping people in general!

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