Military Discounts for 2017 – Tons of them!

If you are  in the military or know someone who is in the military or retired from the military, here are the 2017 list of companies (stores, restaurants, rental companies, hotels and more) that offer military discounts to service members, retired military, veterans, spouses and their families

Note: Be sure to check with any company before expecting to receive a good deal. Many stores and websites will offer a “military discount” that is actually much higher than the regularly advertised price. (for example hotels. Sometimes the Military Discount is higher for a hotel than it is for someone who has the point discount the hotel offers or student OR if your kid is doing competitive sports, that discount is better than the Military , from what I have experienced — so always be sure to check first)

There are 250+ Discounts listed

Here are the categories for military discounts by percentage off – List of companies (with proof of service):


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